Work with Vanessa on a private or consultative basis to discover specific techniques, explicit knowledge, and sharp insight to help you achieve your goals.

Assess, support, & empower you through your journey to strength, resilience & higher performance.

Work with Vanessa in person & online

Postnatal Pilates

Inform. Empower. Heal.

Conquer your journey back to body & strength after babies. Distinguish truth from myth when it comes to your fitness, health and postpartum recovery. Address common yet misunderstood postpartum conditions that will allow you to get back to the life (sex life, too) and fitness routine of your dreams (leak-free).  

 10-Pack  ($1,000) | Single  ($100) |  Core Restore Consult 1.5hrs  ($150) |

Prenatal Health & Fitness

Assess. Inform. Empower. 

“We appreciate and respect that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to recovering from pregnancy & childbirth.” VAB

Client who work with Vanessa feel reassured that they are making the best choices to keep themselves and their baby fit & healthy throughout pregnancy, and childbirth. Develop & maintain strength, tone, and resilience right up to the day your baby is born & then beyond.

10-Pack ($1000) | Single Session ($100) Prenatal Consult 1.5 hrs  ($150) |

Strength & Balance Coaching 

Consistency. Support. Results.

For the woman seeking a higher level of fitness performance. Work with Vanessa to define your health and fitness goals, and design a game plan, training schedule, and support system that will get you there.

10-pack ($1000) | Single ($100)

*Taxes included in all pricing.

**Skype sessions are designed for convenience, and connect clients who may not live locally.