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Work with Vanessa in-person, in-clinic, or online to discover + apply her sharp insight, and extensive knowledge of applied strength & fitness recovery. This includes a repertoire of finely-tuned movements, life hacks, and movement strategies to reveal & restore back to tone & balance the depth of many layers of your strength. 

Our work together will spark you into action to develop + access the healthy pattern of exercise that will connect you with your vitality, resilience, and fulfill your holistic wellness goals.


Vanessa offers clinic hours every Tuesday from 8am-2pm at Vital Health Physiotherapy & Wellness.  Call 416-551-0900 to reserve. 



Work with Vanessa in person, in clinic & online in any one of her areas of expertise:



Send a message to with your request, and we will respond within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.


Vanessa is a certified Mat Pilates Instructor with Body Harmonics and considers Pilates to be the most anatomically-correct therapeutic and restorative form of movement. Restore your movement practise back to balance.



Vanessa will educate you about your body’s ability to develop or re-establish the kind of strength that feels both embodied and grounded, and promotes a general sense of wellbeing.



Fitness can be used for health and healing. Trauma, if left untreated, can become a physiological barrier to restoring of our bodies physical strength.

Discover life hacks that will help you to process the physiological symptoms of the trauma, reinforcing and leveraging the mind-body connection to help us emotionally and physically heal.



Pelvic health is another often overlooked barrier to our physical and mental wellbeing, if left untreated. Assess, address, and restore your body back to it’s sense of wholeness, balance, and alignment with highly focussed series of inner core unit retraining strategies.












VAB’s recent body of work in pelvic health earns her industry-wide respect and has raised awareness about postpartum and maternal health issues, with impact. Clients from all over the world continue to consult her for advice.

The research explores the inner workings of the core, pelvic floor, and related conditions that can often develop of pregnancy and childbirth. She designs highly specific, and science-based techniques, has razor sharp insight, and offers dedicated support to women seeking help to restore their pelvic or maternal health. Build strength & resilience. 


VAB is fascinated by the distinct mind-body health benefits of movement and exercise, and believes strongly in treating movement as medicine.

VAB will guide you toward a healthy daily practise, by teaching you how to restore and develop aligned movement patterns that your body craves, and is designed to perform.

Through deeply nurturing her passions she finds the strength to keep her inner beasts at bay. At least for today! Outside of this quest, she is restored to whole by her family, music, friendships, food experiences; moving with the sea, the mountains, and truth.