Vastfit classes are notable within the community for their quality pairing of well sequenced, varied, and multi-directional modes of healthy movement patterns that induce sweat and cardio productivity from start-to-finish. 

Buoyancy, clarity,energy, and the distinct feeling of camaraderie are known side affects of participation in this class.

Leaving feeling better than you arrived is guaranteed.

Park edition

Bring your baggage, to leave it behind. We create a no-nonsense approach to getting fit and strong fast in a supported and safe environment.  Feel leaner, meaner, grounded, and cleansed of stress and tension to help you manage the day ahead.



Studio edition

Dance, shake, move and breath your body mind and soul through this 50 minute full body workout. Tunes high, inhibitions low, smiles large. 

Not currently on sale. 


Park & Studio editions of Vastfit’s signature classes run seasonally.


Questions? Always ask.

Vastfit Class Reviews:

photo 1The Vastfit workout is the best group workout I have done. Whether you are training, getting wedding ready or getting back in shape postpartum, Vanessa will work with you to meet your goals and provide personal adaptations for exercises to accommodate any level. I would highly recommend Vanessa for both personal training and group exercise. ”
Julia, 33

I love Vanessa’s classes.  They keep me feeling strong, lean and energetic.  As a mother of two grade school boys I find that Bodyworks gives me the flexibility, muscle strength, and stamina to take on any activity or sport my boys challenge me to do with them. Vanessa is a very engaging, wonderful instructor with a vast knowledge of fitness and kinesiology.  She is able to modify and personalize any exercise so as not to aggravate injuries or to strengthen areas of weakness.  Vanessa is especially brilliant at helping women rebuild their bodies after the transformation that we undergo from giving birth and raising children.  I have learned so much about how we develop certain postures and habits that weaken our pelvic and core areas.  The awareness and exercises Vanessa has developed have been such an eye opener and have made a huge impact on my health and self-confidence.  I can now run down a hill on a cold winter’s day and do some jumping jacks at the bottom without any embarrassing ‘Poise’ moments.  Life changer!! Vanessa is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

“I’d been on the look out for a true full-body work out for some years now and started working out with Vanessa about a year ago. I can honestly say that out of all the different fitness classes I’ve tried, Vastfit, is the only full body workout that not only gets my heart going (and keeps it going for the duration of the class) but, also gets me toned all at the same time. 
Vanessa is really great at making modifications to her program for anyone who needs it. She really gets to know her clients and their needs, and adapts the exercises to ensure the workout is safe, yet challenging. 
As a woman with abdominal separation due to pregnancy it’s great to have fitness coach who is aware of the issue and who can recommend core exercises that are healing and that don’t exacerbate the problem.”