DECEMBER NEWS | Holiday Schedule + New Partnership Announcment

Hi Everyone! It’s that time to check in and touch base again. Those of you who visit Vastfit online, whom I see in person, and who get loose with us at our cathartic cardio classes will know that we are bubbling with activity and inspiration in the … Continue reading

Blogpost: “Shakey” – body shaking debunked & a review of NYC’s “the class with TT”

s h a k e y Dear Friends & Colleagues, To those of you on this “list” who’ve joined me over the last few years, or stuck with me from the beginnings in 2009, thank you! I am appreciative for your ears, your … Continue reading

Blogpost: Hyper for Hypos!

Anti-age your insides! Hey Girlfriends!   So, I’ve been hanging out the last couple months with my new pal, Trista Zinn. You may have heard of her: she is Master Trainer for the core health system, Hypopressives Low Pressure Fitness ®, that is … Continue reading

Blogpost: Full Circle, Baby!

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday. I recently came across a few retro Vastfit snapshots from about 5 years ago. I got to thinking about what a long way we’ve come since the blistering hot summer days of our inaugural ‘Get Sexy’ program in Ramsden Park when … Continue reading

Spring approaches, but the weather is still dicey. We love this recipe as the perfect parlay between seasons. Wholesome and comforting, yet light and nutrient-dense. It keeps well and makes for scrumptious left-overs later in the week. Feel healthy from the inside … Continue reading