Blogpost: Hyper for Hypos!

Anti-age your insides! Hey Girlfriends!   So, I’ve been hanging out the last couple months with my new pal, Trista Zinn. You may have heard of her: she is Master Trainer for the core health system, Hypopressives Low Pressure Fitness ®, that is … Continue reading

Blogpost: Full Circle, Baby!

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday. I recently came across a few retro Vastfit snapshots from about 5 years ago. I got to thinking about what a long way we’ve come since the blistering hot summer days of our inaugural ‘Get Sexy’ program in Ramsden Park when … Continue reading

Spring approaches, but the weather is still dicey. We love this recipe as the perfect parlay between seasons. Wholesome and comforting, yet light and nutrient-dense. It keeps well and makes for scrumptious left-overs later in the week. Feel healthy from the inside … Continue reading

5 Postpartum Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

GUEST POST: 5 POSTPARTUM SYMPTOMS YOU SHOULD NEVER IGNORE OCT 1, 2016 by VANESSA AST BILLIER 2 COMMENTSBABY As busy new Moms, we are commonly guilty of a very strange behavior: we often sweep health matters associated with our quality … Continue reading

Tips to Ensure a Speedier Recovery from Pregnancy

    Give yourself the best chance to avoid the common and limiting condition of diastasis recti (often misleadingly referred to as “mummy tummy”). Education is key in the prenatal phase for prevention, and to ensure best chance of: a … Continue reading