Meet Vanessa










Vanessa’s most recent body of work in pelvic health has earned her industry-wide respect and has raised awareness about postpartum and maternal health issues, with impact. Clients from all over the world continue to consult her for advice.

Her research explores the inner workings of the core, pelvic floor, and related conditions that can develop as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. She offers highly specific techniques, explicit research-based knowledge (you won’t learn from your doctor), sharp insight, and dedicated support to women seeking help to prepare for, recover from, and restore their bodies wholly after babies by consults and one-to-one.


Vanessa is fascinated by the distinct mind-body health benefits of movement and exercise, and believes strongly that movement is medicine. She is a close study of the essential role that an active lifestyle can play in helping us to look and feel our best, develop confidence that soars, and maintain a resilient frame of mind.

Her greatest joy is to guide others toward a lifestyle – not a fitness trend – where consistency, support, and ever-evolving results are paramount. When we are strong, in balance, and supported, we thrive.

Vanessa guides you toward the healthy pattern of exercise you strive for, while educating you about the optimal, aligned, and graceful movement patterns that our bodies crave, and are designed to perform.

It is a truth she holds close to her heart that movement is medicine which, when taken mindfully and with intent, can promote vitality, clarity, quality of life, and endless healing benefits.

Vanessa is a researcher, teacher, lover, and published writer.

Outside of her commitment to movement, she loves mountains & the sea, exotic culinary experiences, nights out with friends, home cooking, concert-going, and immersing herself in nature.

And most cherished of all : time spent with beloved husband and daughters.