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As a leader and teacher in the world of health & fitness, I am most excited to introduce my Vastfit method to you because I know how great it will make you feel. When I was developing this workout, the goal of ‘feeling good first’ was my top priority.

Many people understand how a cardio-centric workout is effective at generating great physical results. What people don’t always appreciate or understand are the psychological, mood-enhancing, and brain-health benefits that are achieved; it makes you feel great!

Exercise, namely cardiovascular, is widely accepted as an essential part of a wellness lifestyle. And the great news is that my Vastfit method fully embraces the mind-body connection! This cardio workout is perfect for all levels of fitness and is a strong complement to running, yoga and pilates practises.

Intense cardiovascular exercise raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated for 40 minutes or more. Exercise increases the strength of the heart and the amount of oxygen being delivered to the body, muscles, and cells. Well-oxygenated cells are healthier cells and therefore lead to healthier bodies and healthier brains!

We are feel-good focused at Vastfit. I invite you to choose a lifestyle of exercise rooted in how good it makes you feel, rather than how good it makes you look. The experience is more rewarding, and the results will follow.


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